For Johanna Woods Residents Only
One of our residents, Pam Hughey, along with her family has opened a restaurant on 51st Street between 129th & Garnett.The name is Shiloh’s and they want to invite their Johanna Woods neighbors to come and eat with them! Talk about Southern hospitality! For the month of August, you will receive a 10% discount off your meal total just by taking your copy of the newsletter with you when you go there to eat.

I have not been there yet, but I had some people in the office the other day that were telling me just how good it was! A copy of their menu has been provided with this copy of the newsletter. My favorite part of the menu of course is the dessert section and they have quite a variety of pies and cobblers to choose from. I hope you will take advantage of this “Johanna Woods Only” special and go by and see them. I am sure they would be pleased to serve you!

The Cool Evenings in Johanna Woods!
Fall can be a fairly drab season as the leaves fall off the trees and everything turns brown-even though we love the cooler weather! Let’s make sure our homes don’t look drab and unkempt at the same time. Our community can be beautiful until the leaves and bright colors of Spring return! As Fall approaches, we need to look around our homes and home sites to see what can be done to spruce up for winter. Do we need to clear out a garden spot that’s now overgrown? What about that final mowing, trim or edging before you put away the lawn equipment

Cook’s Corner
1 Pound Jimmy Dean Sausage
1 Jar Kraft Old English Cheese (hopefully they only make 1 size)
6 English Muffins

Brown the sausage, but do not drain. Stir in the cheese mixture. Split and toast the English Muffins and spoon the cheese and sausage mixture over the muffin halves. These can be made ahead and frozen for the back to school or work crowd. I have not had these, but I have a sworn testimonial to their goodness by some folks who really enjoy breakfast!

Are there summer toys in the yard that need to be picked up and stored?
Since the pool has closed, the young folk in the community are looking for other outlets for all that energy- that we adults don’t have! Parents, please remind your kids that they must restrict their bike riding, skating, etc., to the street. If they end up in a neighbors yard, their fun may become someone else’s nuisance. They also need to fully understand the risks if they choose to play in the street. They have to be watchful and realize that they must yield to traffic. Johanna Woods is an all-age community and we can all live together in peace and quiet, if we respect each other!

Calling All Neighbors!
Do you enjoy having the parcel lockers next to the mailboxes? Or would you rather have to drive to town to pick up your packages? If you’re like me, you hate to go to the post office. Sadly, some of our younger residents don’t realize what a benefit this is. In the last couple of weeks, the plastic tags that match the keys to the lockers have been removed at least twice. The keys have been taken on at least two other occasions. Each time the locks have to be changed or the key tags have to be replaced, we are one step closer to loosing our parcel lockers and having to make a trip to the main post office to get our packages. If you have seen anyone “helping” us in this manner, I need to know so we can try and stop this. I am getting complaints from the post office and I am sure they will not continue to replace these for us. If you have any information on this issue please let me know. Thanks!

Ding Dong! Avon Calling!
Haven’t heard that one in a while have you! Some of you youngsters probably don’t remember it at all. But, Nadia Steinbeiser, a former neighbor, would like to offer you the chance to save some money if you are an Avon user. She has started selling Avon and would like to offer Johanna Woods residents 10% off your first order with her! If you would like to take advantage of this “Johanna Woods only” opportunity, please call Nadia at 455-3297. The way this year is racing by, it might be a good idea to see what little Christmas gifts or stocking stuffers are available from Avon-they carry a lot more than just cosmetics and perfume. Check it out!

Did You Return Your Pool Pass?
Boy, a lot of you did! I really appreciate the number of passes that were returned during and after the Labor Day Holiday. If you have not brought your passes to the office yet, please do so as soon as you can. We will not be using the same passes next year, but it will help us keep the overall costs of operating the pool down if we can get most of these back. I also hope you enjoyed the extra pool hours this season. Just our way of saying “Thanks” for getting those passes back to us. If you haven’t found your pass yet, but come across it in a couple of months, go ahead and bring it in when you find it. We’ll take it!