CURB APPEAL…it means more than you might think!
Every industry uses terms that are unique to what they do. And the Manufactured Housing Industry is no different. Many times that particular vocabulary sounds strange to those who do not use it everyday.

Curb appeal is one of those phrases that is used very often in our business and other real estate activities. Fortunately, it’s a phrase that is easily understood. It simply means what does your home look like to someone who drives by it? Do they find it attractive? But there’s more to this concept than at first meets the eye. Did you know that the market value of every home in Johanna Woods is closely tied to the appearance of our community and the homes in it? It’s true. If you decide to sell your home, the appraised value can be as much as 15% higher in a community like ours. If you are in the market to sell, that’s very important. And whether you are looking to sell or not it’s important, because we all want our investments to grow or at least hold their value. And for most of us, our home is a big investment. But what if you’re not into gardening and flowers? Do you have to have a green thumb and flowers everywhere for your home to have great curb appeal? Not at all! Simply keeping your yard clean, neatly mowed, trimmed and keeping your home in good repair is the very foundation of curb appeal. Flowers are a great addition, but step back and take a look at your home. Is it time for a coat of paint? Did you miss getting rid of some clutter on our free dump day? How about a storage building if you have one? Does it need a coat of paint? Does your skirting need to be repaired or some panels replaced? Sometimes we can make small improvements that go a long way toward improving our home’s curb appeal. It’s important to all of us and some of the nicest homes in our community have few flowers, but they are clean and neat as a pin. Drive around our community. Look at some of the homes and you will probably be able to pick up some great ideas for sprucing up your home and home-site. In future newsletters look for additional tips and bargains for Spring! So keep reading !!!!

Johanna Woods Salutes Our Sweethearts
It’s February and I want to say Happy Valentines Day to all our couples. But again, before you think I have taken leave of my senses, let me explain why I chose this picture for our sweetheart story. It’s because I want to tell you about a special Johanna Woods couple and the picture fits them. We have a couple in our community that will be married for 68 years this February 3rd! They are John and Cora Lile and we are lucky to have them in Johanna Woods. Often our young people look up to sports figures or entertainment personalities, but the real heroes of our world are the ones who take their responsibilities seriously and do the right thing day after day, year after year. The Liles are doing that and have for a long time, through thick and thin, good and bad, sickness and health. Happy Anniversary and Happy Valentines Day!

For Johanna Woods Residents Only…
For the Month of February instead of the cable drawing, we will be giving away ??????????? How about a lovely dinner for two at one of these fine restaurants:

• Marie Calendar’s
• Ti Amo
• Charleston’s
• Red Lobster
• El Chico

Such a deal! All you have to do is win and you get to choose where you wish to dine with your Sweetheart. And it’s just for you…because you live in Johanna Wood…

Cook’s Corner
Recipe For A Happy Home

4 Cups of Love
2 Cups of Loyalty
2 Cups of Forgiveness
1 Cup of Friendship
5 Spoons of Hope
2 Spoons of Tenderness
3 Spoons of Understanding
4 Quarts of Faith
3 Spoons of Kindness
1 Barrel of Laughter

Take love and loyalty and mix thoroughly with faith. Blend this with tenderness, kindness and understanding. Add friendship and hope and sprinkle abundantly with laughter. Serve up generous helpings daily to everyone in your home. This is a time tested and proven recipe. It works!