APRIL 2001

For Johanna Woods Only… How Does Your Garden Grow?
If Spring is not in the air when you read this, it will be soon! How exciting after the Winter we had. And what better way to celebrate the long awaited arrival of the season than with a Johanna Woods special on flowers, trees and shrubs? The Farmers Co-Op, at 507 N. Main in Broken Arrow has agreed to a special rate on a few of their garden and landscape items. And as always, this special is only available to you, because you live in Johanna Woods!!! Here’s the deal!

For the month of April, when you go shopping for flowers, trees or shrubs take this copy of the newsletter with you to the Co-Op. They will give you $1.00 off the price of a flat of flowers, $5.00 off the price of a 5 gallon tree and $10.00 off a 10 gallon tree. In the last few years we have planted A LOT of trees in Johanna Woods, but maybe you would like something special or particular in your yard. Now might be the time to get it done. And if you decide you do want a tree and buy one, we will plant if for you! Such a deal!

Just ask for Mac or Darlene when you are ready to check out and they will make sure you receive your special discount. They will probably also give you a discount on shrubs or bushes, but they were not sure what would be available, so I wasn’t able to list a specific offer. But ask them when you are there! If you don’t need or want a whole flat of flowers, maybe your neighbor will go in with you and you can both beautify your homes at a discount! I am sure they have many other great landscaping items and ideas as well.
Many of you work so hard on your yard and gardens each year. I look forward to seeing flower gardens and new landscaping in Johanna Woods and hope this offer is of value to you as you beautify your homes. AND for another Johanna Woods only special, scroll down further…

Resurrection Sunday… Spend it with your family in Church April 15th is the date this year that Resurrection Sunday or Easter is observed. As a kid, I remember we always got new church clothes and a basket full of candy for this special Sunday morning. Then we all went to church together. As I get older it seems that part of this tradition is still around, but part has been lost. The basket full of treats is still a vital part of the day, but what about family worship? If your family has neglected this important element in your Easter remembrance I hope you will make it part of your life again this year. You will be glad you did!

Outdoor Cook’s Corner
Chicken Ranchero

2 Cups Mild Picante Sauce
1/4 vegetable Oil
2 Tablespoons Lime Juice
4 cloves Garlic, minced
1 Teaspoon Cumin
1 Teaspoon dried Oregano
1/2 Teaspoon salt
4 skinless, boneless, chicken breasts

Mix picante sauce, oil and lime juice in a bowl. Add garlic, cumin, oregano and salt. Stir. Reserve 1 cup of this marinade for later use. Pierce the pieces of chicken on both sides with a fork. Place chicken in a re-sealable plastic bag and pour the marinade over meat. Squeeze the air out of the bag and seal tightly. Toss the chicken so it is thoroughly covered. Refrigerate for about 5 minutes, then drain. Grill the chicken over medium heat, turning and basting frequently with 1/2 of the reserved marinade, for 20 minutes or until cooked through. Heat the remaining marinade and serve alongside the chicken.

Preparation hint: Limes can be tough and hard to juice. If you soak them in hot water for several minutes, then roll them on the countertop, pressing down firmly with the palm of your hand as you roll them, it will soften them and make juicing easier.

It should take approximately 15 minutes to prepare this dish and 20 minutes
to cook.

Don’t Let Tax Season Tax You!
If you are one of those laast minute tax filers – like me
– don’t sweat it! Help is available! One of your neighbors, Bette Lu Foster, is ready willing and able to assist you with all of your tax preparation needs. You can reach her at 355-0114.

Don’t Let Tax Season Tax You!
If you are thinking about taking the family to Six Flags Over Texas, stop by the office first and pick up a dixcount card. If you need cards, but can’t get by the office during office hours just give me a call. I will be glad to drop some in the mail for you. It’s a great weekend get-a-way!

Four Sided Inspections Start This Month
With the arrival of Spring it’s time to look around and get our homes and home sites in shape. As I mentioned in the January Newsletter we will begin doing inspections of each home site this month. The inspection will consist of looking at each side of every home and looking around each lot to see what improvements are required. At the time of the inspection, each homeowner will be given a copy of the inspection results. Items identified as needing repair or upgrade will be noted and deadlines for completing the repairs will be listed. All deadlines will be reasonable and consideration will be given to the cost of the repair that is needed. However, these inspections are being done so that all of the homes in Johanna Woods are maintained in excellent condition so all repairs listed must be made. No one wants to live in a „trailer park‰ and we don’t want to look like one!

It’s Also Time To Have Those Back Door Steps In Place At Your Home
Also mentioned in the January Newsletter was the requirement that each occupied home in Johanna Woods have steps at the back door. This is an important safety requirement and cannot be ignored. Johanna Woods will build and deliver a set of steps for you if you wish. They can also be purchased or built locally, but however you choose to acquire them, your home must have back steps in place. This will be one of the items that I look for at the time of inspection. Here are our prices for comparison purposes:

3 steps with handrail-$120
4 steps with handrail-$160
5 steps with handrail-$200

If you would like us to measure so you will know which size you need, just call!

MORE…for Johanna Woods Only…Free Ice Cream!!
What a great month for specials! Schwan’s, the home food delivery company, is offering a free 1/2 gallon of ice cream to anyone who purchases two of their food items on April 9th! That’s a $4.29 value! Schwan’s carries a large selection of frozen food items and delivers them right to your door! So convenient! Our route driver’s name is Pam and she has left several catalogs and brochures in the office so you can check them out before the 9th. Their products are very good and their ice cream is wonderful! Don’t get home until 5:00 or 6:00 in the evening? No Problem! You can get in touch with Pam as late as 8:00 PM! If you’ve tried their products you know how good they are, if you haven’t you’re missing out on good food and great home delivery service. You can reach Pam at 632-2454. Don’t miss out on this deal!
You can also look them over @ www.schwans.com