APRIL 2007

The Community Yard Sale is On!
Well, it is official! We will be having a community yard sale this year! What a great opportunity to get rid of some of that “stuff” we all collect, can’t live without, and then are willing to get rid of for next to nothing! The planned date for this big event is the 14th of April. If it rains us out that day, we will do it on April 21st. Make plans now to start getting your “stuff” ready. We will advertise the hours from 9:00 am until 5:00 pm, but that normally means that folks will start showing up by around 8:00 am! We will run for Saturday only as a community. If you wish to put up individual signs and have a longer sale, you can certainly do that, just be sure and take the signs down when you are done. We have quite a few homes in the community that are scheduled to participate, so we hope to be able to bring a good amount of traffic through for this event. If you did not let us know that you wanted to take part in this, we hope you will make plans to set up a table and join us anyway. The more the merrier! Maybe we can all get rid of some “stuff”, put a little change in our pockets and have a good time doing it; such a deal! Johanna Woods will take care of all the advertising, signs, banners, etc. All you have to do is clean out the closets, storage sheds, and extra rooms! Make note of the dates and get ready to sell, sell, sell!

Inspections Have Begun!
As sure as the arrival of Spring in Oklahoma is the process of home inspections in Johanna Woods. And, while the inspection is not quite as detailed as the picture might imply, they are fairly thorough. Here are some areas to check so you can be sure your home will pass muster: 1) Are all windows and screens intact? 2) Do you have house numbers that can be seen from the street? 3) Is siding clean or is power washing or painting needed? 4) Is wood trim and siding sound with no signs of decay or deterioration? 5) How about your storage shed? The same guidelines for home appearance apply to sheds. Our goal in Johanna Woods is to not look like a trailer park. With the proper maintenance of all of our homes, Johanna Woods will be an asset to our community and our home values will stay higher, too!

Springtime Activity
Just as sure as Spring brings flowers and rain, it also brings out more activity on our streets. And every year we have to remind the young people and children that the streets are not their playground or sidewalk. Now is a good time to do just that. Please take a moment and remind your children that traffic has the right of way on all our streets. If they are walking on the street, riding a bike, skating or skateboarding, they should immediately move to the side of the street when vehicles are approaching. This is a safety issue as much as it is an issue of courtesy.

Do You Need Some Free Firewood?
In the next few weeks, AEP/PSO will be trimming and removing trees along the east side of 30th street. There are quite a few trees planned for removal that would make good firewood-and it’s free! If you want some of it, they will cut it up and stack it, but you will have to load it up and take it home. If you are interested, you can stop and speak to one of the PSO crew members and they will set you up. It’s free firewood for you and less for them to haul away!

Cook’s Corner
Shish Ka-Bob Marinade
2 Tablespoons Sugar
2 Tablespoons Salad Oil
1/3 Cup Soy Sauce
2 Pounds Meat
Combine sugar and oil. Season the meat of your choice, then roll in the sugar and oil mixture. Place the meat in the soy sauce and soak for several hours, all day or all night. You might need to turn the meat in the soy sauce so that both sides are marinated. Cut the meat to size and thread the meat on skewers between your choice of vegetables, grill and enjoy! It’s the grilling time of year. If you have a favorite grilling recipe that you would like to share with your neighbors, you can either have a VERY large block party or turn the recipe in to the office and we will put it in the newsletter. Enjoy!

Referrals Make $ and Sense!
Boy has it been a busy Spring so far in Johanna Woods. We have people buying homes, moving homes and looking for ways to move in to our community. If you know someone who is looking to buy a home, why not mention Johanna Woods to them? If you do and they buy a home that is already in Johanna Woods or if they bring a home into our community, you will receive a free month of lot rent as our thanks. How easy is that? Opportunities are out there!

For Johanna Woods Only…
Since April is officially “Home Improvement Month” we are having another drawing for a $25.00 Lowe’s gift card. It fits in perfectly with the fact that our home inspections are underway. As always, when we have a drawing, your on-time rent payment is your entry. All you have to do is make sure your rent is in the office or in the rent drop box by the time we open the office on the morning of April 6th and you will be entered. Rent that comes in after that time is late and won’t be eligible for the drawing. This drawing is just for you and just because you live in Johanna Woods! Free rent, free gift cards! Such a deal and where else, but in Johanna Woods!

Does Your Home Need a “Bath”?
If it does, there is an easier way to give it one than this! One of the things that turn up fairly often on the home inspections is dirty siding. Homes with vinyl and metal siding can require washing to remove the dirt that accumulates as a result of exposure to the elements. This is a simple and fairly inexpensive process, if you know someone who has a power-washer! Trying to clean the exterior in any other way, will be a chore. If this is one of the items that you anticipate having to deal with on your inspection, we just happen to have a neighbor with a power-washer, who would be more than happy to help you take care of this. You can call Richard Beeler, at 355-5709. He will give you a reasonable quote and wash your home for you! That makes one less thing for you to worry about. Put that bucket away!

I Fought the Lawn…and I Won!
Are you looking for some help with your lawn care chores this year? If your answer to this question is “YES!”, we have some folks that might be able to help you. Both Richard Beeler and R.L. Woods have provided reasonable lawn care charges in our community for many years. Just give one of them a call if you are looking to “outsource” your lawn care chores this year. Mr. Beeler is available at 355-5709. We can put Mr. Woods in touch with you, just call us. Lawn care in Johanna Woods is more than just mowing the grass. All of the concrete surfaces need to be edged and the grass needs to be trimmed around your home, porch and storage buildings. We don’t want people to think “trailer park” when they think of Johanna Woods. Neatly cut and trimmed lawns go a long way toward helping us look our best everyday.