The Long View- Long Term Goals
Did you know that your community is privately owned? You probably have not had reason to know that and even less reason to think about how important that fact is to you personally. But, make no mistake, that fact is a big part of why Johanna Woods is a model manufactured home community in the Tulsa area and in the state . Most of the mobile home parks in Tulsa and surrounding cities are owned by large business conglomerates who own multiple parks. That’s their business and that business mentality shows in the way most decisions are made. A few years ago, to increase revenue, many communities in our area purchased abandoned homes, fixed them up and rented them. Some even brought homes in and began to accept Section 8 housing vouchers-all in an attempt to keep the bottom line fat. Johanna Woods made a decision many years ago that being a community of home owners was best for our community and residents. This means homes cannot be rented in Johanna Woods. And that policy has been good for all of us. Would it have been more profitable over the years to allow rentals? Certainly. But the long view does not allow temporary circumstances to determine policy. The long view keeps long term goals in mind, despite the short-term effects of those decisions. The fact of private ownership does not make our community perfect, but it does give us an advantage over the ones that are corporately owned. If you don’t think that’s true, take a drive through any other community in the Tulsa area. When you do, the importance of the long term goals of your community will become crystal clear!

Waiting for the School Bus…
School is back in session and all of the community children are no doubt bouncing out of bed in the morning, eager to get on the bus and back to the classroom. Right! More likely they are sleeping as late as possible, grabbing a portable breakfast and going out the door at the last minute. Which brings us to the point of this article. We are seeing trash in the streets around some of the bus stops fairly regularly. Please remind your kids that, especially around the office, trash cans are available and should be used!

Hunter Cook’s Corner
Venison Steak Marinade
1 Tbsp. Oregano
1 Tbsp. Garlic Powder
1 Tbsp. Salt
1 Tbsp. Pepper
2 Tbsp. Lemon juice
1 1/2 Cup oil

Combine all of the above ingredients in a small bowl that has an airtight lid. Place the venison steaks in the marinade and make sure they are covered by the liquid. Marinate overnight-the longer the better! Grill and enjoy!

The Labor Day Celebration!
Labor Day is the day that has been set aside annually in this country, to honor working people. The folks who get out each day and make our country work by going to work! The first informal Labor Day event was a march down the streets of New York in 1872. Then, many years later, in 1894, President Grover Cleveland established the first Monday in September as a national holiday, for the purpose of honoring working Americans. So for this one day…take a break, kick back, get out there and enjoy the fruits of your hard work and labor. But then, get back to work on Tuesday-our city, state and national economy is counting on you to do your part!
Daycare Openings
One of our neighbors, Mona Stanford, operates a daycare in Johanna Woods. She is state licensed and has a three star rating, which is the best rating you can have. She currently has a couple of openings, for any age. If you are looking for a day care provider close to home, you might want to give her a call. Her number is 355-2315.

Return Those Pool Passes and You Could Win $25.00!
Could you use a little extra cash for Fall? The better question may be… who couldn’t! Well, all you need to do for your chance to put a little extra cash in your pocket is bring your pool passes back to the Johanna Woods office by the 15th of September. We will collect them all, draw one and some lucky Johanna Woods resident will win $25.00 cash! And if you don’t have a pool pass to return you can still enter. Just write your name down on a piece of paper and put it in the rent drop box. You can also make an entry for everyone in your home who would have been eligible for a pool pass. The pool closes on September 4th, so make sure and turn those passes in right away afterwards! You just might win. AND if you were issued pool passes and don’t return them, you will be billed $1.00 for each one. If you have several to bring back, putting them in a bag or envelope before dropping them in the rent box would be helpful.

Inspections Wrapping Up
Hopefully, by the time this arrives at your door, summer will be winding down. What a wild and crazy weather year it has been for us! Additional time has been given for all inspection chores to be completed, taking into consideration the wet months early on and then the extreme heat during the middle of August. Many of you have completed all your work or are close, and we appreciate your hard work.

If you haven’t started yet, you are behind and need to get busy. With the unusual weather we have had this year, don’t put your inspection work of counting on having a mild fall in order to finish up. This is Oklahoma after all and you just never know!

Keep Trashcans In Their Place!
Trash days are Mondays and Thursdays in Johanna Woods. Please DO NOT set trash out the night before. We are so close to the woods, that chances are good that the contents of your trash bag will be spread all over your lawn by morning if you do! There are just too many hungry critters looking for a quick snack. AND, be sure to move your trash cans away from the curb once the trash has been collected. These small, simple things add a lot to the overall appearance of our community!
Thank you for your help with this!

Oklahoma! Our Centennial
Oklahoma is celebrating its 100th anniversary of statehood this year. The Sooner state was officially added as the 46th State of the Union on November 6th, 1907. Here are a few more interesting facts about your state that you might-or might not-know!

  • In 1909, Pawhuska, Oklahoma had the first Boy Scout Troop in the U. S.!
  • Oklahoma has more man-made lakes than any other state, giving us a million + surface-acres of water and 2,000 more miles of shoreline than the Atlantic and Gulf Coasts together!
  • The state’s colors are green and white-not OU crimson and cream, or OSU orange and black! Sorry to break this last bit of news to all you college fans!

Your Privacy
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