The Long View- Long Term Goals
Over the years we have had numerous sets of parents, children, and grandparents who have made their individual homes in Johanna Woods at the same time. We currently have at least 12 ìsetsî of 3 gene-ration families who have chosen to make our community their home. We also have one 4-generation family residing here. Those are pretty impressive statistics for a community of our size. But there are also a lot of other families and folks who have made their homes in Johanna Woods for a long time. Just check out these numbers:

  • 10 % of our residents have lived here for 15 years or more.
  • 21% have lived here for at least 10 years.
  • 48% of current Johanna Woods residents have lived here for more than 5 years!

What a wonderful commentary about the value, comfort and security of our community! Whether you have been in our community for a while or have just recently joined us, we are glad you are here! We’ve watched many of your kids grow up and are now seeing some of you consider retirement. We’ll be happy to help you spoil those grandbabies too, given the chance! Our long term goal has been and will continue to be to provide you with a quiet, peaceful and attractive place to live- for the long haul. If you have been with us for a while, thank you for your loyalty and commitment to Johanna Woods. If you are new to our community, welcome! We look forward to building or maintaining long-term relationships with all our residents.

We Have to Try Harder
Several years ago, Avis Car Rentals had this marketing slogan, We’re Number 2. We Try Harder. This slogan was adopted because they realized they were not the leading car rental company around. Because of that they wanted to convey to their customers and potential customers that they would try very hard to earn their business. Manufactured housing has gotten a bad rap over the years. To be honest, most “trailer parks” of the past-and many of the present- have contributed to that poor image. The only way to overcome that perception is to try harder not to look like a “trailer park.” That’s why we do four-sided inspections. Thanks to all of you who maintain your homes so nicely.

Cook’s Corner
Home-Made Sandwich Filling/Spread

3 large carrots 4 stalks celery
3 large green tomatoes 3 large red bell peppers
3 large green bell peppers 3 large onions
1/2 cup vinegar 4 Tablespoons flour
2 cups sugar 3/4 cup prepared mustard
3 Tablespoons salt 1 pint miracle whip

Partially cook the carrots, this can be done in a small amount of water for 2-3 minutes in the microwave. Grind all of the vegetables and mix with salt. Let this mixture stand for 10 minutes then squeeze out the liquid. Add the vinegar, flour, sugar and mustard to the vegetable mix and cook in a thick pan for 20 minutes over a medium heat, stirring constantly to avoid burning or scorching. Remove from heat and add the Miracle whip. Place into prepared jars and seal. This is a wonderful spread that is good on crackers, bread or cheese sandwiches. Thanks to neighbor Marilyn Gardner for sharing this family recipe!

Celebrating our Centennial
Do you know the two famous cartoon characters that ìare fromî Oklahoma?
Dick Tracy was created by Pawnee native Chester Gould.
Watonga native Clarence “Ducky” Nash was a voice actor and was the original voice for Walt Disney’s Donald Duck. You can find a street in Watonga that has been named in Mr. Nash’s honor.
Winterization Tips
It’s been a strange weather year in Oklahoma. A record ice storm in January followed by record rainfall in Spring and early summer, makes a person wonder what could be in store for Fall and Winter! A little preparation now can reduce the potential surprises that could result from an early, or colder than normal Winter. Here are a few things to check on so cold weather doesn’t catch you off guard: 1) What does your skirting look like? Gaps and openings around your home will cause it to be colder underneath your home. This can increase the possibility of your pipes freezing. Gaps in your skirting can also provide small animals with a warm place to “live” when the outside temperature drops. 2) Plug that heat tape in. If you have heat tape, but have not wrapped it with insulation, it will not work as efficiently as it should because the heat produced by the tape will not be held against the pipes. 3) Check those smoke detectors. Make sure the batteries are fresh and the unit works. 4) Unhook the garden hose from the outside faucet. If you don’t, water left in the line can freeze and damage pipes. Winter’s coming and it’s Oklahoma! Get ready!