February 2012

Looking Ahead to Spring!
Wow!  What a winter!  We’ve seen some nice previews of spring mixed in with some very cold reminders that it is still winter.  But, spring will eventually arrive.  And that means it will be time once again for the 4-sided inspections to take place.  These have proven to be a real asset to the overall quality of our community.  Here are key areas that the inspection focuses on:
· How does the paint  on your home look?
· Is the siding dirty and in need of a good power-wash?
· Has your skirting lost the battle with the weed eater?
· Do steps, decks or storage buildings need painting, re-staining or repair?
· Is there “stuff” outside your home that needs to be discarded or stored out of sight?
· Do you have house numbers on your home or porch facing the street?
· Any broken windows or torn screens?
Now is a good time to take advantage of nice weather, look around and plan to repair any of these items.  You will be way ahead of the spring inspections if you will.  The condition of our community as a whole affects the individual value of each of our homes.  If you are considering selling your home in the near future, you will be glad that you, and your neighbors, kept things in good repair.  If you have questions about the inspection process, please ask.  If you need the names of suppliers or service providers, we might be able to help you with that, too!  Give us a call.

Changes to the Rules
Johanna Woods has made a change to the rules that now require residents to sign an Indemnification and Hold Harmless agreement before placing an above ground pool or trampoline at their home-site.  If you have a pool or trampoline and have not returned your form to the office, please do so.  If you are considering one of these items for the summer, please come by the office and complete your form first.  As with all rule revisions, copies of the changes to the rules are posted in the office for your review.  These changes apply only to pools and trampolines.

New Neighbor News
Welcome to Trever Joseph Wright!  He joined the world and Johanna Woods on January 15th, checking in at 8 lbs, 14 oz.  Congratulations to parents, Alex and Kathy on the birth of this bouncing baby boy.  Congratulations also to grandparents Terry and Suzzane Wright, also of Johanna Woods!  Welcome and congratulations to all!!!

Street Parking
We would like to remind those of you who routinely park a car on the street overnight that they must be LEGALLY parked.  That means they must be parked according to the normal flow of traffic, not against it.  When it’s dark outside and you are driving down a street, the tail lights of a vehicle that is legally parked provide red reflectors that are safer than dark headlights.  Parking legally also means that vehicles parked on our streets move every day…please be sure you and your family members are parking legally and SAFELY on our streets.

Trash Cans
The City of Broken Arrow recently passed an ordinance requiring that trashcans be removed from the curb within 12 hours of being emptied by city workers!  Once again Johanna Woods has been ahead of the curve for years, in an effort to improve our curb appeal.  Now, however you could face fines for non-compliance with this ordinance.  So, please continue to pay close attention to this issue.  It really does matter!

Valentine’s Drawing
We will have a drawing this month for a $25.00 gift certificate to one of these local restaurants:
· Santa Fe Steakhouse
· Olive Garden
· Charleston’s
· Chili’s
· Los Cabos
All you have to do to be entered is to have your rent in on time!  All rent that is in the rent box or the office by the time we open on the morning of Feb. 6th is considered to be on time.  We will hold the drawing on the 9th and the lucky winner will get to choose where they would like to take their spouse, sweetheart, significant other, best friend, mom, what whatever!  The gift certificate will be presented in time for a special valentine evening out, or just a friendly dinner whenever.  It’s up to you, so get that rent in!

Wagoner County Letters
This year the Wagoner County Assessor’s office has sent out letters to everyone who has personal property on the county tax rolls.  The purpose of these letters is only to verify that the property is still physically located at the address on record.  When you receive your letter, here is what you need to do:  If there is specific information listed about your home on the upper portion of the letter, such as the year, make, model and VIN number—AND –if this information is correct, you DO NOT need to return a copy of your title with the letter.  On the section near the bottom of the letter where it asks for information on sheds, decks, carports, etc., you can write “no change” if you have not made additions to your property in the last year.  That’s it!  Then sign it, send it back and you are done!

Oklahoma Election Primary March 6
2012 is an election year and Oklahomans will cast their votes in the presidential primary election on Tuesday March 6th.  If you are not sure where to vote, please call the Election Board at 918-485-2142 to find out.  If you are not registered to vote you must register 25 days prior to an election to be able to vote.  Registration forms are available at the library, post office and tag agencies.  Major challenges are ahead for our nation, so please, exercise your right to vote!  It is a privilege!

Neighborhood Handyman Info
With spring and inspections just around the corner, there is a neighbor in Johanna Woods who might be able to help with some of your repair needs.  Mark Morrow knows how to fix lots of things!  If you have something he could help you with please feel free to give him a call.  You can reach him at 918-833-2401 Please remember that anytime we put someone’s name or business in the newsletter, we do it as a courtesy to make our residents aware that their service is available.  It is not done as a recommendation or endorsement, but it’s nice to know someone in the community that can help with handyman tasks.  Especially when you have handyman tasks that need to be done!

Our American Heritage
“Have you ever found in history, one single example of a Nation thoroughly corrupted that was afterwards restored to virtue? … And without virtue, there can be no political liberty.  Will you tell me how to prevent luxury from producing effeminacy, intoxication, extravagance, vice and folly?… I believe no effort in favour of virtue is lost.”  John Adams in a letter written in 1819 to Thomas Jefferson.

Dessert Cook’s Corner
Sopapilla Cheesecake
-16 ounces cream cheese
-2 cans Pillsbury® Crescent Recipe Creations refrigerated, seamless dough sheet
-1 cup sugar
-1teaspoon vanilla
-1/2 cup butter or margarine, melted
-1/2 cup cinnamon sugar

Using a 9” x 13” baking pan, unroll one package of the dough and line the bottom of the pan.  Mix the cream cheese, sugar and vanilla together and spread over the bottom dough.  Unroll the second can of rolls and place on top of the cream cheese mixture.  Pour one stick of melted butter or margarine over the top crust and sprinkle with the cinnamon sugar mixture.  Bake at 350º for 30 minutes.  Add a little honey to the top while it’s hot, get a glass of cold milk and enjoy!  

Community Calendar
February 1st – Rent is due.
February 6th – Rent is late and subject to a $25.00 late fee.
February 14th – Valentine’s Day!  Better not forget that special someone or you might be in a lot of trouble!
February 19th – President’s Day.  Normal trash pick up schedule.