March 2012

Winter and Spring—In the Same Week!
Sometimes in the same Day!  When spring arrives it renews the world and our community.  Flowers bloom, trees and grass become green again, temperatures warm and sunny days are longer!  What a wonderful time of year.  Wouldn’t it be nice if the grass would turn green, grow to just the right length to carpet our lawns, and then stop?  How cool would that be!  Or, how about Spring showers without the winds and threat of severe weather?  No one would complain about that.  There have been a few, key word “few”, spring times in Broken Arrow when we did not have much severe weather at all.  But, chances are we will have a few bouts with wicked weather this year.   Each resident has been designated to a specific shelter in the event of threatening weather.  If you are not sure which shelter you are closest to, call the office so we can remind you.  Anyone in our community may use any shelter, but since we won’t all fit in the same one, we have assigned folks to the shelter nearest them.  Please watch the weather carefully when severe weather threatens, so you will know when to take cover and PLEASE don’t wait until the last moment to do so.  The doors to the shelters may have to be bolted shut at some point and we want you to be inside before that happens.  Also, remember that pets are not allowed in any of the shelters.  WELCOME SPRING!!

Daylight Saving Begins March 11th
Benjamin Franklin was the first to suggest the idea of moving clocks ahead or back in order to take advantage of natural light and conserve energy.  He first wrote of this idea in 1784 and the concept was used off and on in our country from World War I, until it was officially adopted in 1966.  In early years, we  moved our clocks forward one hour on the first Sunday in April.  However, in 2005 a new energy conservation act was signed into law that lengthens the daylight saving time period by a few weeks.  It calls for starting daylight saving time earlier and ending it little later each year.  The new law calls for moving our clocks forward on the 2nd Sunday in March.  So, don’t forget to “Spring forward” on the 11th of March this year, or you’ll be late for church – and out of step with most of America!

Neighbor News
Congratulations to our neighbor Janice Gibson.  She won the February drawing and went to the Olive Garden on us!  Who-hoo!  ALSO…Resident referrals continue to pay off for our residents and for Johanna Woods!  Kim Scott’s rent is on us for March and Dick Turner gets to keep his rent in April!!!

The Mowing Season—Arriving Early This Year
With the mild winter we have had, we are going to be mowing very soon this year.  Remember that in Johanna Woods the lawn is not properly maintained unless it is mowed, all concrete edges trimmed/edged and areas around the home, fences and storage buildings trimmed.  If you need some help with lawn chores this year we have some neighbors who can help. Call the office at 355-1681 and we will put you in touch with folks who will help you keep your lawn looking neat and trim this year.

The Dollar Stretcher
Here are some more dollar stretching restaurant deals for those of us who have attained the age of qualifying for them!
· Sonic: 10% off or free beverage (60+)
· Steak ‘n Shake: 10% off every Monday & Tuesday (50+)
· Subway: 10% off (60+)
· Taco Bell: 5% off; free beverages for seniors (65+)
· TCBY: 10% off (55+)
· Tea Room Cafe: 10% off (50+)
· Village Inn: 10% off (60+)
· Waffle House: 10% off every Monday (60+)
· Wendy’s: 10% off (55+)
· White Castle:  10% off (62+)
This is the end of the fast food and restaurant category, but stay tuned for a continuation of the Sr. Dollar Stretcher in other categories such as retail, travel, etcetera, etcetera!!

Community Calendar
March is National Frozen Food Month! Who comes up with these things?  Our recipe fits nicely with this theme and it’s good, and fast!

    • March 1st—Rent is due.
    • March 6th—Rent is late and subject to a $25.00 late fee
    • March 11th—Daylight Saving Time begins at 2:00 am.  “Spring forward” one hour.

Frozen Food Cook’s Corner
Hamburger Tater Tot Casserole

1 bag frozen tater tots
2 cups shredded cheddar cheese
1 can cream of mushroom soup
1 cup sour cream
1 lb lean ground beef

Brown the ground beef, drain and allow to cool.  Once it has cooled, combine the meat, cheese, soup and sour cream.  In the bottom of an ungreased 8” x 11” pan, place a layer of tater tots end to end to cover the pan.  Spread the meat mixture over the top of the tater tots that are in the pan, then layer the remaining tater tots on top of the meat mixture.  Bake at 350º for 30 to 40 minutes until hot, bubbly and tater tots are beginning to brown.

For Johanna Woods Only…
For the Month of March we will have a drawing for a $25.00 Lowe’s gift card.  With home inspections just around the corner, there is no doubt that most of us could put one of these little items to good use!  All you have to do in order to be entered for the drawing is pay your rent on time!  We will hold the drawing on the 15th of March and will have the gift card in the hands of the lucky winner soon afterward.  So keep those cards and letters coming, get that rent in on time and you just might win.  Rent is considered to be on time if it is in the office or the rent drop box by the time we open for business at 9:00 a.m. on the morning of the 6th.  If you bring it in at 9:05 a.m. on the 6th, it’s late and subject to a late fee.  As always, if you have any questions, please call us!

A Note About Trash Days
We have always asked our residents not to set their trash out at the curb until the day it is to be collected.  There are several reasons for this, but the best one is that we are surrounded by woods where raccoons, opossums and all kinds of critters live.  Even coyotes!  Additionally, there are stray dogs and cats that roam through our community regularly.  If there is anything in your trash that would provide a midnight snack for one of these nocturnal prowlers, there’s a good chance your trash will be all over your yard and the street by morning.  Please make sure that small and loose trash is set out in bags that are secured at the top.  We appreciate your help with this!

Our American Heritage
“I sought for the key to the greatness and genius of America in her harbors…; in her fertile fields and boundless forests; in her rich mines and vast world commerce; in her public school system and institutions of learning.  I sought for it in her democratic Congress and in her matchless Constitution.  Not until I went into the churches of America and heard her pulpits flame with righteousness did I understand the secret of her genius and power.  America is great because America is good, and if America ever ceases to be good, America will cease to be great.  The safeguard of morality is religion, and morality is the best security of law as well as the surest pledge of freedom….Christianity is the companion of liberty in all its conflicts-the cradle of its infancy, and the divine source of its claims.”  Alexis de Tocqueville (1805-1859) French Statesman, historian and philosopher.

In 1912…..
Take a look at these facts and statistics from 100 years ago:
· Average Annual Income $1,033.00
· New Home Median Price $2,750.00
· Average Cost for a New Car $941.00
· Gasoline 7¢ a Gallon
· Postage stamps 2¢
· Cost of a Loaf of Bread 5¢
· Cost of a Quart of Milk 8¢
· Steak was 20¢ per pound
· Hellman’s Mayonnaise, Oreo and Lorna Doone Cookies are Introduced
· Prizes are Included in Cracker Jack Boxes
· New Mexico and Arizona are Admitted to the Union as States #47 and #48
· The “Unsinkable” Oceanliner, the Titanic, sails and sinks on its Maiden Voyage.
What a difference a century makes!  This century it would just be nice to see gas prices go down by 7 cents a gallon.  It’s good to see some of the timeless classics, like Oreo cookies, are still around!  Hope this bit of trivia brought you a smile—and a memory!