August 2015 Newsletter

Home and Community Improvements – They Go Together!
Hopefully, by the time you receive this newsletter, the work to replace the privacy fence along the west side of our property will have begun.  This has been delayed a couple of times due to the rain, but should be in the works now, or very close.  When this section is completed, all of our community privacy fencing will be less than  5 years old.  This has been a large project and an expensive one as anyone who has built a privacy fence can confirm.  As each of you work hard to maintain your homes to the standards of the community, the maintenance crew is working, and the community owners are investing  in the community to make repairs that will improve the overall appearance of Johanna Woods.  For our community to be all that we want it to be, we truly must work together on this.  The individual value of each and every home in Johanna Woods is affected by how well the community as a whole is managed and maintained.  And, the value that the community has is either enhanced or reduced by the appearance of the individual homes that are here.  Johanna Woods is committed to being the finest mobile home community in the state of Oklahoma.  However, without the efforts of our residents, this would not be possible.  Thank you for working so hard on your part of the deal!

Resident Referrals are Rewarding!
For the month of July, Robbie Collins was able to keep his rent payment because he told a friend and co-worker about Johanna Woods.  They bought a home here, we have a great new family in the community and Robbie is $260.00 ahead!  Not a bad deal for anyone involved if you ask me!   You could be next!  A lot of people have friends, family or co-workers that are considering moving.  Why not tell them about your community?  For anyone renting an apartment or a traditional home, owning your own home manufactured home has tremendous advantages financially and in many other ways.  If you share the news and someone buys a home or leases a lot as a result, your rent for a month is on us!  Rick Shrum is keeping his rent for August….you might as well be next in line!

Neighbor News
New Neighbor News
Welcome to Carlos Rodriguez, born on June 23rd!  Congratulations to dad, Pedro, and mom, Veronica!
Sad Neighbor News
Neighbors Victor Hedrick and Darrell Cordier recently kept their final appointments. They will be missed and our prayers continue for their friends and family.

Our American Heritage
“Inasmuch as our greatest leaders have shown no doubt about God’s proper place in the American birthright, can we, in our day, dare do less? remove God from this country will destroy it. ”
Senator Robert Byrd, to Congress in 1962, two days after the Supreme Court declared prayer in schools to be unconstitutional.  From America’s God and Country, Encyclopedia of Quotations.

Hot Weather Tip
Keep the hot summer sun outside your home!  By using window tinting, thermal curtains, or both, you can keep rooms cooler, which will in turn keep your air conditioner from working so hard.  There are many inexpensive styles of these energy savings curtains, so you can attractively decorate any room with cost savings in mind.  When you’re a/c unit works less, more of your money stays in your pocket!

Broken Arrow Schools Start August 20th!
Can you believe how quickly this year is passing?  Here it is time for school to start again!  Kids will soon be gathering at or walking to bus stops, so please be aware of your speed at all times and don’t be distracted during this increase in activity in the mornings and afternoons.  We want our roads and our entire community to be safe for everyone, all of the time! We also want it to be neat and clean so, parents, if your kids are going out the door with breakfast items in hand, please remind them to properly dispose of all their trash!

Cook’s Corner
Mexican Chicken & Rice Skillet
2 chicken breasts, cut into large pieces
salt to taste
pepper  to taste
taco seasoning
2-3 Tbsp. Oil
1 cup salsa
1 can corn
1 can black beans, drained
1 pkg. Knorr Spanish rice
2 cups water
1 cup shredded cheddar cheese

Season the chicken with salt, pepper and taco seasoning.  Heat the oil in a large skillet, add chicken and cook until the chicken is white on all sides.  Add the salsa, corn and black beans to the skillet, stir and cook for about 5 minutes, then sprinkle the rice over the chicken mixture and add the water.  Bring all to a boil, then reduce heat to simmer, cover and cook for about 20 minutes.  Sprinkle the cheese on top, serve and enjoy.

Community Calendar
August 1st—Rent is due
August 2nd—Friendship Day!   Make a phone call or send a card to a special friend, just because!  They will love it.
August 6th—Rent is late and subject to a $25.00 late fee
August 20th—School Starts for the 2015-2016 year!