Rules & Regulations

Exhibit “A” to Lease And Rules and Regulations

Section 1: General Information

1. Management has the right to approve or reject applications for manufactured home rentals based on information from consumer credit reporting agencies, law enforcement agencies and/or public records.

2. As homeowners, each tenant agrees to provide management with evidence of ownership upon request.

3. Effective January 1, 2002, criminal background checks will be conducted as part of each application investigation.

4. Management has the right to approve or reject a mobile home because its size, appearance and/or age of manufacture do not meet community standards.

5. All tenants must register the make, size and serial number of their home at the community office.

6. Homes more than 5 years old must be inspected by management before they will be approved.

7. All tenants and guests must register at the community office prior to moving in and must notify the community when moving out.

8. No additional persons except those originally approved for residency and who have signed a rental agreement are to reside in any home in the community without written management approval. Community management reserves the right to refuse admittance to any additional persons.

9. Based on Federal housing guidelines, the maximum acceptable occupancy of any home will be limited to two persons per bedroom of the home, not including infants.

10. Guests residing longer than 14 days must have written approval from management.

11. Rents are due and payable, in advance, on the 1st day of each month at the Johanna Woods office.  If the office is not open for business, a rent drop box is provided for rental payment.

12. Cash will not be accepted for rent payment and there will be a $25.00 handling charge assessed on all insufficient or returned checks.

13. Management reserves the right to request certified funds if a check ever fails to clear.

14. Certified funds will be required for all future rent payments if a tenant’s personal check fails to clear, for any reason, two times within a twelve (12) month period.

15. Tenants should understand that serious action to enforce the collection of rents will be made if rent is not paid within 5 days of due date.  Rent is considered late after the 5th of each month and subject to a late payment fee of $25.00.  It is hereby understood that Lessor may, without notice, take possession of said premises on the 10th day rent is past due. Lessor reserves the right to remove the mobile home from the premises at its option and place same in storage.  Such removal and storage,  if elected by Lessor, shall be at Lessee’s sole risk and expense.

16. Tenants will be liable for all legal, court, filing and service fees incurred by Johanna Woods in the collection of rent or enforcement of rules. Any and all money due and payable to Johanna Woods will be considered rent and collected in accordance with rent collection procedures, if the amount is unpaid at the end of the month in which the charges are incurred.

17. It is required that a security deposit equal to one month’s rent be paid with the first month rental. This deposit will be returned by mail thirty (30) days from the date of move-out, providing the premises and items such as borrowed equipment are returned in good condition.

18. Management should be notified as far in advance as possible of your intention to vacate your rental lot. A thirty-(30) day written notice of intent to vacate must be filed with management. Failure to do so will constitute forfeiture of your security deposit.

19. No refunds will be made for partial month’s occupancy. However, if proper notification is given (see rule 18) it is possible to make your rental payment on a pro-rated basis through the date of your occupancy.

20. No one may use the community name or address for the purpose of advertising without prior written approval by management. Such approval may be withheld at the sole discretion of the Landlord.

21. Advertising within the community must be limited to that approved by management.

22. No signs or advertising materials may be posted without the written permission of management. This includes signs advertising a manufactured home for sale.

23. Packages, keys or money left with the employees of Johanna Woods Manufactured Home Community are left at the risk of the tenant.

24. No tenant should make requests of Johanna Woods maintenance personnel. Please call the community office if there is a maintenance issue.

25. Johanna Woods maintenance personnel are not on staff to perform work for community tenants that is of a personal nature. Please do not ask them to help with these tasks during working hours.

26. Johanna Woods Manufactured Home Community is a residential community and no business will be permitted to operate within the community without the written permission of management.

27. Amateur or citizen’s band radios or satellite antennas are not permitted in the community without written approval of management.

28. No patio or yard sales are allowed at the mobile home site without written permission of management.

29. No soliciting, peddling, or delivering of handbills is allowed in the community without permission from management.

30. The sewer outlet is open, free and clear prior to move-in. Tenants are responsible for any partial or complete stoppage from the home to the main sewer. It shall be the tenant’s responsibility to maintain tight drains to the sewage outlet. Do not flush anything down your drains such as rags, clothes, hard paper, sanitary napkins or items made of plastic and rubber. Items like these should be wrapped in paper and disposed of with your garbage.

31. Use of community recreational facilities is a privilege, not a right and is subject to certain specific rules. Misuse or abuse of these facilities will result in loss of these privileges. Abuse or misuse will be solely determined by management.

32. No burning of fires whatsoever will be permitted within the community. Note: this does not apply to the use of charcoal or gas grills and smokers.

33. All equipment, apparatus and facilities in Johanna Woods are provided solely for the convenience of our tenants and their guests. Anyone using them does so at their own risk. Management will not be responsible for accidents, injuries or loss of property by fire, theft, winds, floods or any act of God, which is beyond its control.

34. Tenant hereby releases management from any and all liability for property damage and personal injury, which may occur, regardless of the cause, to tenant, tenant’s family or tenant’s guests within the confines of the community.

35. Tenant further agrees to hold management harmless from any and all claims, demands or causes of action which may be asserted against management for personal injury and/or property damage occurring within the confines of the community and such indemnity and hold harmless covenant shall include, but shall not be limited to, all costs, including attorney’s fees, incurred by management in defending any such claims, demand or actions of law.

36. Tenant is required to carry liability or hazard insurance and management requires that they obtain and maintain such insurance.

37. Is imperative that current tenant telephone numbers (published or unpublished) be listed with community management. In the event of an emergency, it is vital that tenants can be contacted. For the same reason, tenants are required to provide current information on the names and telephone numbers of their employers.

38. Personal tenant information and/or rental history may not be released to lending institutions, rental companies or other private agencies without the written consent of the tenant.

39. Due to underground utilities, any digging must have prior written management approval.

40. No plants or shrubs shall be planted in tin cans or old automobile tires above ground.

41. Any concrete work desired by a tenant must be first approved by management and completed before installation of any awnings, skirting or porches. Any deviation from the above must have written approval of management.

42. No branches, trimmings or trash of any kind is to be thrown into the creeks that run through the community. It is vital to our community that these creeks are kept clear so that proper drainage can occur.

43. Each lot shall remain under the direct control of management and all items placed or hung therein are removable or controllable at its discretion.

44. This lease is personal to Lessee who shall have no right to assign, transfer or sublet any interest in this lease, or any mobile home space.

45. Any tenant wishing to sell their home must have the prospective buyer approved by management prior to finalization of the sale. Management reserves the right to accept or reject any potential tenant based on Johanna Woods leasing criteria.

46. A home that is no longer the primary residence of the owner may not be leased or rented.

47. If Lessee expects to leave the community for a period of more than (3) days, please notify community management and if possible state when your return is expected.

48. Tenants state that they have personally checked the premises and accept them in their present condition as safe and as such hereby release the management and/or owner from any responsibility for injuries or damages occurring upon or in any way connected with the premises or nearby streets. Additionally, potential claims for damages that may be caused by re-entering and/or taking possession by management under the conditions of this agreement and regulations are waived by tenant.

49. The management and/or owners reserve the right to delete, change or add to any of these regulations and provisions any time they feel it is necessary for the benefit of the community and its tenants. New regulations shall be posted in the manager’s office and made available to each tenant at the time of revision.

50. By election in writing, a person may rent more than one lot and combine the said lots into one lot. Thereafter, said property shall be treated as one lot for the purposes of these restrictions. Said lots may be returned to their original state by election in writing by the owner and filed with the Declarant, which shall become effective when the physical condition of the lots complies with these restrictions.

51. There shall be designated lots for doublewide homes.

52. Lessee hereby grants and gives to Lessor a possessory lien on Lessee’s mobile home, which shall accrue and exist to Lessor’s benefit to secure Lessor for any and all monies owing by Lessee to Lessor under the terms of the lease agreement and these rules and regulations.

53. Aluminum foil will not be permitted as window coverings.

54. Visible House numbers that are at least 3 inches in height are required to be displayed on the street side of each home in the community.

55. Mobile home communities contain extensive underground utilities. High voltage electric transmission lines run underground to all spaces. IT IS EXTREMELY DANGEROUS TO DIG ANYWHERE ON YOUR LOT WITHOUT FIRST OBTAINING PERMISSION AND HAVING UNDERGROUND UTILITES FLAGGED. Call 1-800-522-6543 and OKIE will have the utilities flagged free of charge so you may dig safely. Any digging MUST have the approval of management and a sketch of the proposed digging area should be submitted.

56. Transfers of homes from one space to another will be permitted, based on availability. Transfers must be approved by management and in all cases, the costs of the move will be the responsibility of the tenant. This includes: moving the home, landscaping, clean up and any required assistance from the community.

57. Upon termination of the lease and departure from the community, the tenant must check out at the manager’s office in order to clear their account. Please have the transportation company check for clearance with the office before moving a home from the premises.

Section 2: Community Conduct Requirements

1. Excessive noise, loud parties, excessive volume of radios, stereos, TV’s or musical instruments will not be allowed.

2. Drunkenness, boisterous, immoral or abusive conduct will be cause for immediate eviction.

3. Failure to observe speed limits or driving in a manner that is reckless and/or dangerous to other tenants will be cause for eviction.

4. Vandalism or defacing of public or private property in Johanna Woods will be cause for immediate eviction.

5. Any tenant who curses at, verbally berates, physically threatens or harms community personnel is subject to immediate termination of their lease without further notice or warning.

6. Verifiable illegal activity of any kind will be cause for immediate eviction.
7. Adult tenants shall be held responsible for damage caused by their children, pets or guests and will pay for any necessary repairs.

8. Tenants shall be held liable for any damage to buildings, grounds, or lease premises if such damage is due to their negligence.

9. Non-adult visitors of community tenants must be supervised by an adult at all times while in the community.

10. Tenants are responsible for the conduct of their guests and visitors at all times. Any violation of these rules and regulations by the guest of a tenant is equivalent to violation of such rules and regulations by the tenant.

11. Failure by any tenant to comply with the rules and regulations, statutes, laws, or ordinances of any public authority, water district, municipality or the State of Oklahoma shall be grounds for termination of the tenant’s lease. Any fines or penalties levied with respect to a tenant’s violation of the aforesaid rules and regulations, ordinances or statutes shall be the sole responsibility of the tenant.

12. Community disturbances that occur as a result of frequent police visits to any home in the community will be grounds for eviction at the discretion of management.

13. Telephone messages will not be accepted by the community office except in cases of emergency. Furnish your callers with your phone numbers and other relevant information so that they may locate you when needed.

14. Johanna Woods Manufactured Home Community welcomes well-behaved tenants of all ages. However, young tenants must respect the homes and property of others and follow the rules and regulations as well as adult tenants.

15. Parents are responsible for the behavior of their children and their guests at all times, whether or not they are present.

16. In the absence of the parents, children must be under the supervision of a person designated by the parents, who is capable of and can adequately control the children’s behavior. It is the responsibility of the parents to designate a person suitable to that obligation.

17. Children must play in their own yard and must not be permitted to trespass through the yards of other tenants or play in the streets.

18. All children under 14 years of age are to be off the streets after dark. The community curfew for children ages 14-18 is 10:00 pm. It is up to parents make sure their children comply with this curfew.

19. No person under 18 years of age may be outside on city streets between 11:00 pm and 6:00 am.

20. It is illegal to discharge a firearm within the city limits.

21. It is illegal to discharge a B-B, pellet or air gun in the city limits.

22. Discharging paintball guns so that they fire at or on private property is not allowed, by city ordinance.

23. Every tenant has the responsibility for helping keep the community clean and neat at all times. Our close proximity to wooded areas makes the proper disposal of refuse and garbage extremely important. For this reason, place refuse in cans (if possible) at curbside for pickup and removal on Monday and Thursday mornings.

24. Plastic trash bags must be secured with ties. Do not set trash out except on trash collection days. Trash set out overnight is subject to being scattered by animals.

25. Empty trash receptacles must be stored away from the front of homes and should be moved back away from the curb as soon as possible when they are empty.

26. Questions about large item disposal may be directed to the City Refuse Department at 251-5311, ext. 378.

Section 3: Home Appearance/Maintenance Requirements.

1. Tenants are required to maintain their premises in good order at all times. “Good Order” means that siding must be clean and in good repair, painted surfaces must be uniform in color and not streaked or dirty. Additionally, exterior doors, screens, windows and skirting must be whole and porches and steps must be intact.

2. Homes not maintained to reasonable community standards will not be allowed to remain in Johanna Woods.

3. A 4-sided inspection of each residence will be conducted annually. Required repairs/corrections to the home or rental lot will be listed and a reasonable time frame for compliance provided. Failure to perform the required repairs will result in eviction of the home.

4. If any home is neglected, management reserves the right to take over its care, without notice, and bill the tenant for the cost of maintenance.

5. When trimming trees and shrubs, arrange the time so that the cuttings can be picked up on regular collection days.

6. Gardens must be kept clean and weed-free.

7. In order to improve community appearance, lawns must be kept neat and litter free and must be mowed and trimmed regularly. All concrete surfaces must be edged and grass may not be allowed to over-run the curb.

8. Management reserves the right to mow and/or trim any lawn that is neglected. A minimum fee of $45.00 will be charged for each required mowing and $25.00 for trimming and edging.

9. Mobile homes must be skirted within thirty (30) days after entering the community. Unusual circumstances or cases of extreme hardship will be given special consideration in order to work out difficulties in meeting this deadline.

10. Exterior skirting panels must be of a weather-resistant, fire-resistant material and must be uniform in color.

11. Skirting panels must be neatly fitted and vented at the front and rear of the home. One access door is suggested in front of the wheels and one behind the wheels. These doors must be at least four feet wide, if used.

12. Skirting must be a matching color or a contrasting color that enhances the appearance of the home and lot. Check with management for materials that are currently acceptable.

13. Skirting that is damaged or that has large holes or visible breaks must be replaced.

14. Mobile home hitches must be removed, skirted or covered in some manner that enhances the appearance of the home.

15. Each mobile home lot must be kept clean and neat. No storage of bottles, cans, boxes, refrigerators, washers, dryers or other equipment is allowed outside the home or storage building.

16. Hanging clothes on patios or carports is not acceptable.

17. Only umbrella type clotheslines may be installed on community lots. When installed, they should be behind a shed or the home so that they are screened from the street. Management approval is necessary before these are installed.

18. When exterior painting is required or desired, the color chosen must be of a neutral, soft and preferably light shade. Bright, fluorescent, or extremely dark colors (except when the dark color is for trim) are not acceptable. If any question exists as to the acceptability of a color that is out of the ordinary, that color must be approved by management prior to painting the home. The acceptability or unacceptability of any color is at the sole discretion of management.

19. Factory installed front storm doors or an acceptable replacement are required on every home that does not have a covered front deck that protects the home from the elements.  An exception to this can be made for a resident who utilizes a wheelchair or has other medical related access problems.  Exceptions will only be made in writing.

Section 4: Additions to Homes/Rental Lots

1. All shrubbery and/or trees planted by tenants shall become the property of the community and may not be removed without written permission of management.

2. Additions, metal awnings, carports, structures, fences and the like may be built only if approved by management in writing, in advance. When approved and installed, they may not be removed without written permission.

3. Carports must have open sides from the ground to a minimum height of 30 inches upward, as required by city code so that visibility along the street is not obstructed.

4. Steps, porches, etc., must be well constructed, neat, attractive and painted in an appropriate color if applicable. Front and back door steps must be provided for safety reasons.

5. Steps made of individual concrete blocks are not permitted.

6. Storage buildings that are acceptable in design and appearance will be allowed with the written permission of management. Storage buildings must be painted, as necessary, to maintain a neat appearance.

7. There is a maximum of two storage buildings allowed on any individual lot.

8. Management must be involved in the placement of storage buildings. This is necessary to assure that they are not placed on easements or right of way areas. Management also reserves the right to determine where buildings may be placed at their discretion.

9. Fences are allowed providing they meet community requirements. They must be a four- (4) foot chain link with a top rail or six- (6) foot wooden privacy fence.

10. Permission to install a fence must be obtained from management prior to installation and any variations from the two designs listed above must also be approved in advance.

11. Privacy fences will not exclude a resident from properly maintaining a neat home site. No lot, fenced, or unfenced, will be allowed to collect old or un-needed items.

12. Trampolines and/or swimming pools are permissible on resident lots only after the resident has signed a waiver accepting full responsibility AND releasing Johanna Woods from liability for any accident or injury that might occur at their home site as a result of having these recreational items on their lot.

13. Any trampoline or pool that is placed on a lot prior to the signing of a waiver will not be allowed to remain on the lot.

14. Any resident wishing to have a pool on their home site must comply with the following city mandated safety requirements. Any pool over 18 inches tall must be surrounded by a fence that is at least 4 feet tall and that has a self-closing and self-securing gate. If the fence is a picket style, there must be no more than 4 inches between the pickets.

Section 5: Automobiles and Parking

1. If more than two (2) vehicles are necessary at one site, management must be notified. Side street parking must be kept to a minimum and if it is ever necessary for the community to move a vehicle in order to provide access for a home, the towing cost will be the responsibility of the vehicle owner.

2. No commercial vehicles, of any type, will be permitted to park on Johanna Woods streets. No trucks larger than two (2) tons will be permitted in the community.

3. Small commercial vehicles that tenants are required to drive to and from work may be parked at the home site as long as they fit comfortably on the park pad and are not heavy enough to damage the concrete.

4. Tenants are required to use driveway parking except for loading and unloading. During loading and unloading, vehicles may be pulled into the yard, but must be moved immediately after this is completed.

5. Visitors are requested to park cars in driveways or in designated parking areas. The tenant is responsible to make certain that other driveways are not restricted by visitor’s cars and that they are parked parallel to the curb, as close as possible, without parking on lawns or in yards.

6. No double-parking of vehicles will be allowed.

7. Cars parked on the street, for a short time, must be parked consistent with the normal flow of traffic.

8. Cars may not be parked on the street for more than 24 hours.

9. Excessive noise of cars, motorcycles, or motorbikes will not be tolerated.

10. No recreational use of motorcycles, motorbikes, 4-wheelers, or go-carts will be allowed in the community.

11. The speed limit in the community is designated at 15 MPH for the safety of our tenants. Tenants and their guests must observe the speed limits at all times. Excessive speeds and/or reckless driving will not be tolerated.

12. Vehicles that have fluid leaks, gas, oil, etc., must be repaired to prevent damage to concrete surfaces.

13. No oil changes, radiator flushes, overhauling or placing of vehicles on blocks or jacks will be permitted.

14. All vehicles in the community must be in running condition and properly and currently licensed.

15. Boats, boat trailers, travel trailers, tent trailers, utility trailers, motor-homes, ATVs, 3-Wheelers, 4-Wheelers, any and all other land or water recreational vehicles, one-ton and larger chassis mounted campers and detached pick-up campers must be stored in the RV storage area, or in a fully enclosed storage unit or storage area at the home-site.  Mounted pick-up campers up to and including 3/4-ton may be kept at the home site.

16. Campers that are kept in the RV storage area may be kept at the mobile home site for periods of 24 hours for loading and unloading purposes. Management will only make exceptions to this in writing.

17. At no time shall sewer or water connections be made to a recreational vehicle while at the mobile home site.

18. A tag showing the name and address of the owner must identify all vehicles placed in the RV storage.

19. Management assumes no responsibility for items stored in the RV Storage area. Individuals utilizing the RV storage area are responsible for maintaining their space in that area.

20. Items may not be left in the RV storage area once the tenant moves from the community. Items left there will be considered to have been abandoned by the former tenant.

Section 6: Animals

1. No animals may be kept in Johanna Woods without permission from management. Animals brought in without permission will not be allowed to remain.

2. No animals will be allowed to run at large in the community at any time. An animal that is off a tenant’s property and not on a leash is subject to removal by city animal control in accordance with city ordinance.

3. Noisy or unruly pets, or those about which justifiable complaints are received will not be allowed to remain. Each resident must control his or her pet so that it is not a nuisance.

4. Animals are not allowed in the clubroom or basement during stormy weather .

5. All home sites must be kept clean from pet waste. This waste must not be put in with regular garbage unless it is enclosed within a container or bag.

6. Bathing pets in bathtubs or sinks is prohibited since the loose hair can contribute to the clogging of sewers.

7. There is a limit of two (2) pets per mobile home site, inside pets only, with written permission from management. No dog over 25 pounds will be allowed. Management will only make exceptions in writing.

8. Pit bulldogs and rotweillers will not be allowed in Johanna Woods under any circumstances.

9. Any at large animal picked up by Johanna Woods personnel will be turned over to the proper authorities.

10. Beekeeping is not permitted in Johanna Woods in any form.

Enforcement of Rules and Regulations

A major prerequisite for admittance to Johanna Woods Mobile Home Community is that the prospective tenant informs him or herself of each rule and regulation. The principal purpose of the interviewing of prospective tenants is to determine whether the person has become thoroughly familiar with community rules.

Enforcement of the rules is a major part of the duties and obligations of your resident manager to the community’s tenants. Ignorance of the rules cannot and will not be accepted as an excuse for their violation.

The rules and regulations are dynamic and are subject to change. When changed, tenants will be notified of those changes according to guidelines set forth in the rules. A tenant is entitled to two (2) warnings by management over a rule violation that does not endanger other tenants. The first administration may be made by telephone call or a form letter to the tenant indicating which rule has been violated. The second and usually final warning shall be in writing and if the infraction is not corrected then or if the violation is repeated, the tenant’s lease will be terminated for cause upon thirty (30) days written notice.

Any infraction by a tenant or visitor which represents a significant danger to the health, safety, or welfare of other tenants is cause for termination of that tenant’s lease without any prior notice or warning. Management is the sole judge of the existence of such action.

Generally, your neighbors will appreciate your bringing to their attention any violations of the community rules rather than reporting such violations to the resident manager. It is recommended that tenants endeavor to assist one another in complying with community rules and bring infractions to the attention of management only as a last resort.