Charlotte Brady – Community Manager
charlotteJohanna Woods is fortunate to have a professional manager that is qualified to serve the community residents.  Charlotte has completed all the course work required for her Accredited Community Manager designation and received this title in February 2004.  She was the first community manager in the state of Oklahoma to earn this national level of accreditation.  

Charlotte manages all facets of Johanna Woods, including residential living contract agreements, fee collections and compliance with community guidelines and rules.  In addition, she is a nationally certified mobile home appraiser which allows her to provide residents who desire to sell their homes with important home value information.  Charlotte has been a resident of Johanna Woods since 1997 and the manager since 1998.  An active church member, her personal hobbies include cross-stitch embroidery, photography and traveling.  As a grandmother, she also enjoys “spoiling” her grandchildren!

Q. What is involved with being a community Manager?

A. “You have to wear a lot of hats. On any given day you might have to be a bookkeeper, sheriff, sales person, gardener, writer, cook, mediator or nurse. Whatever is needed!”

Teresa Kinnard – Assistant Manager
teresaTeresa joined the Johanna Woods staff in February of 2004. Her background includes teaching, bookkeeping and secretarial work. She is a resident of Johanna Woods, is very active at Broken Arrow Baptist Temple and enjoys spending time with her daughter, son-in-law and grandchildren.  She also enjoys working around her home and yard.

Kevin Spicer – Grounds Maintenance Supervisor       000_2347
Maintaining the physical appearance
of a quality community like Johanna Woods
is a big job and requires numerous skills and abilities. On any given day, residents will see Kevin out and about working to keep the 80 acres that comprise Johanna Woods in good order.  He and his crew maintain community areas of lawns, trees, shrubs and all the landscaped areas, office, storm shelters and the resident Clubroom – in all weather conditions.  Kevin is also responsible for site preparation and placement of all homes entering the community, which requires a thorough knowledge of city codes and regulations.

Kevin has lived in Johanna Woods for almost 21 years and worked for the community as a maintenance helper for several years, during his high school years.  He held the supervisor’s position previously from 2003 to early 2005 and returned to the position full time in 2008.  

Kevin, his wife Tiffany and their six children live in Johanna Woods and are very active in church activities.  Kevin also heads up the Bible Publishing Ministry for Broken Arrow Baptist Temple.